Monday, March 4, 2013

Unconventional Meet-Cute Site: Great Wall of China

I am a hopeless romantic. Everything I write has some sort of romance in it even if it is just a tiny inkling of romance.

After thinking about all the “meet-cute” scenarios from my favorite books and movies, the locations where the boy and girl usually meet seem quite conventional. Usually, these “meet-cutes” happen in a bar, at a wedding, at a party, at work, at school, a supermarket, etc. These are all very logical locations since these are public locations where people are in a social setting.

But why should “meet-cute” scenarios be limited to social or crowded locations? Exotic locations are also great places to meet people. We just tend not to think of them off the top of our head.

When I visited the Great Wall of China, the main entrance Badaling  was very crowded, so our tour guide took us to the Juyong Guan (Juyong Pass) instead. The bottom of the Wall is always the most crowded because the stairs are quite difficult to climb and most people visiting the Great Wall are sightseers and not hikers, so people tend to climb the first 50 steps, take a picture, and head back down.

I, on the other hand, was much more ambitious and picked one side of the pass to climb and climbed. When I got to the “end”, of the Wall, I found I was the only one there. I was finally able to take a picture of just the Wall and me. But one problem of being alone, I did not have anyone to help me take a picture since I didn't have a tripod with me.

While I wandered around trying to regain my breath for the hike down, a young ambitious fellow American made his up the stairs too. This wasn’t a meet-cute scenario for myself, but he did offer to help me take a picture, and I returned the favor for him. Also it was nice to meet a fellow American at the “top” of the Great Wall.

So now you have an unconventional location for your two characters to meet. Think of the possibilities!

  • Your main character has climbed the Great Wall for some soul searching, he asks for a sign and up comes a breathless beauty.
  • Someone manages the injured his/her foot after a misstep on the old worn stone steps and is rescued by a Good Samaritan.
  • A lone traveler reaches the top and realizes that she needs another pair of hands to take a picture of her and the monument, and she finally musters up enough courage to ask the other lone handsome traveler for aid.


  1. Great ideas for story starters. I love this meet-cute. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. I'm totally using this for a short story. Great idea!

  4. You see a meet-cute, I see a chase scene!