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This website is a network of US and International writers that can help each other with location details, interesting historical tidbits learned from locals, and those minute features of a place that make it come alive in your story.

If you're part of the NaNoWriMo international community, please also include your NaNoName and region in your comments or posts.

What is National Novel Writing Month takes place every November when over 400,000 adults and kids around the world attempt to write a novel (50,000 words) in one month. It's crazy, it's fun, and it's the best kick in the pants writing motivator ever created.

So if you want to spruce up a scene in, say... Venice, Italy, check for anything already posted or just email one of the experts below. 

Sara McBride - Help with European locations
NaNoName: smcbride (Los Angeles Municipal Liaison)

I've traveled extensively through Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Paris, London.

I'm a museum junkie and have catalogs/guides from most major museums throughout Europe.


Lindsay Natale - Help with family travels in Europe & Cruises.
Residence: Southern California

My husband is Italian and we have two children who we frequently take to visit European relatives.

We've traveled/stayed in Southern France, all of Italy, Switzerland, Hawaii and the Caribbean.


William Doonan - Help with Central America and Peru.
Archeologist, author, anthropology professor - Sacramento

I've been on digs through out Central America and Peru. I've unearthed mummies, ancient remains and other smelly items of the earth. 

4 published novels: Henry Grave Series & American Caliphate

Viannah Duncan - Help with the Republic of Texas
NaNoName: LadyAmadeus (Los Angeles)

I've traveled and lived in just about all parts of Texas and extensively researched the state's history.


Alana Saltz - Help with Northern Ireland
NaNoName: CornFlakeGirl (Los Angeles)

I've traveled and lived in Northern Ireland.

Website & Contact:

Ai Ogata - Help with Europe, Australia, Malta, Nepal & Japan

I live in Osaka, Japan, a beautiful city of rivers. I've traveled through most of Europe, Turkey, California, Florida and Nepal. I've lived in Australia and Malta.

I've completed most of my travels as a lone Japanese woman, which lends a particularly interesting perspective to Turkey and Nepal.

I'm also a scuba diver and can help with underwater adventures.

Monia & Nicola Gallorini - Help with Italy and Europe

We are Italians, living in Florence and Ferrara. We frequently travel to France, Egypt and the USA.


Grant Faulkner - Help with Iowa, Thailand, France, Mexico
NaNoName: Grant Faulkner (San Francisco)

I've studied abroad in France and traveled extensively in Thailand and Mexico. I'm a proud expert on the state of Iowa.


Marnie Farrell - Help with Ireland and South America

I preserve Irish Heritage via castle restoration. Turin Castle is a 13th century tower keep complete with murder holes, minstrel gallery, banquet hall, suit of armor and of course, a secret passage.

Turin is a self-catered venue, perfect for writing retreats, weddings or reunions.


Brad Ray - Help with Australia
NaNoName: DarkPheonix44 (Los Angeles)

I studied Aboriginal tribes in Australia and lived on the East coast for a year. There are lots of fun ways for a character to die in Australia.


Jennie Vongvith - Help with Hawaii and Thailand
NaNoName: AthenaKTT (Los Angeles Municipal Liaison)

I have family in Thailand and visit often. I'm very familiar with the culture, language and history of Thailand.


Joel Gonzaga - Help with South Korea, Particularly Seoul
NaNoName: Jin-Roh (Los Angeles)

I've lived for extended periods in South Korea. I've actively researched the culture and history of South Korea.



Michelle Em - Help with Nepal, Bali and being shipwrecked.
Screenwriter, writing professor, video game writer 

I've been shipwrecked in the south seas of China and lived for years in Nepal and Bali. 


Michelle & Justin Lee - Help with Disney parks, Hong Kong, Mainland China & India.
She's a scientist, he's a programmer, both are major foodies

We've visited every Disney park around the world multiple times and can tell you how a character may accomplish the impossible at any of these parks. Murder - no problem. Fine dining - Easy. Avoiding children - Difficult, but can be done.


John Everett - Help with Moscow, Minsk, UAE, and Airports.
Commercial airline pilot & model train enthusiast

Flown everything from tow planes to cargo to people. Flew for Ethihad Airlines out of Abu Dhabi for 3 years. Fluent in Russian and German. Currently flying the USA skies.


Lois Everett - Help with UAE Expat life & West Canada.
Elementary teacher, pilot's wife, and international adaptor

Raising children with a pilot husband forces one to be very adaptable to randomly changing schedules and international expat life. However, flying for free, and educating one's children with international culture is an excellent bonus. 
Edmonton, Canada is my original home.


Katie Neipris - Help with Oxford, England & nearby areas. 
NaNoName: kneipris (Los Angeles - UCLA)

Studied abroad at Oxford and can give great location details for meeting rooms, murder locations and hidden romantic corners. 


Susan Nystoriak - Help with upstate New York

I've lived most my life in this crazy weather beaten area of the country. I'm also a music teacher and can help with music, or music history questions. 




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