Draw: Sketching in Pompeii  
Write: A hero's point of view in a Parisian chase sequence
Read: Doune Castle, Scotland, home to Mary - Queen of Scots, Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobites, the film set of Winterfell from Game of Thrones and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
About This Website:

If you like to read books and then visit the magnificient locations described, this is your website. If you like to write books that send your characters into foreign cultures and locations, this is your website. If you’re an artist looking for tips on drawing techniques, or simply how to further appreciate the brush work of Van Gogh before visiting Amsterdam, then this is your website. 

Most of all, if you’ve decided that the standard vacation with posed pictures in front of famous monuments is a bit dull, and you want to experience a little adventure, a bit of intellectual stimulation and possibly pursue clues to historical mysteries that have been neglected for centuries, then this is your website. 

Join us. Become a Novel Travelist and seek out that special spark that makes a place leap off the page. Turn your adventures into sketch journals where pages can be added year after year, novels with characters that experience the locations as you saw them, and for the reader, turn your favorite novels into vacations.

     This blog will post fun travel adventures to pursue, writing & drawing techniques, book recommendations that yield great itineraries and ideas for how to plan your own personal quests.

Current Contributors:

We are a collective of writers and artists who send our characters out traveling in the great wide world.

Sara McBride - Biologist by day, travel writer & adventure novelist by night.
Wes McBride - Figure drawing and animation instructor by day, travel sketch artist by night.
Kristen Elise - Cancer drug discoverer by day, thriller novelist and Murder Lab blogger by night.
Lindsay Natale - Teacher & student by day, YA novelist and travel writer by night. 
Nicola Gallorini - Italian train driver by day, political novelist, musician & art adventurer by night.
Monia Monti-Gallorini - Italian clinician, tango dancer, chef & art adventurer by night.
Ai Ogata - Japanese entertainment coordinator by day, international adventurer by night.
Marnie Farrell - Irish castle owner by day, historian and castle decorator by night.
Nicole Tetreault - Neuroscientist by day, short story writer and travel mom by night.
Jennie Vongvith - City planner by day, fantasy travel novelist by night.
Brad Ray - Chef by day, city explorer and fantasy writer by night. 
Susan Nystoriak - Music teacher by day, international music history investigator by night.

If you are interested in contributing a post, please contact Sara McBride at saramcbride@noveltravelist.com or leave a comment on the blog.


  1. Found you from Kris' site. Love it and cant wait to see more.

  2. I arrived via Kristen Elise when she followed me on Twitter. I am to my soul a NovelTravelist:-) Will be in touch soon.