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Frayed Passport Quarterly: Travel Prose by Travel Pros

This quarterly journal features stories from abroad, tips to help you travel to your fullest, and writing, publishing, and marketing advice for aspiring travel writers and bloggers. Our April 2013 edition and onward will exclusively feature the very best travel essays and stories chosen by our team. 
Specifically, we're looking for personal stories and essays, whether they're from novice or frequent travelers. We're not looking for "how-to" or "top 10" articles, but rather travel writing our readers can relate to, and that may even inspire them. Most essays are between 800 and 1200 words, though there's no hard and fast word limit for entries.

Email to inquire about journal submissions!
Download the latest issue on our Editor-in-Chief’s Amazon Author Page.


East Jasmine Review is a new electronic literary magazine. 
We accept fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction (travel), articles, and reviews. 

Our goal: We are looking to build an online community and audience. We want to earn enough revenue to begin paying our writers, so please help us grow!

As a contributor to the East Jasmine Review, you will be given the electronic publication in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf to view your work. Please refrain from sharing your copy with others. 
Remember, we want to be able to pay you!

For our friends at Novel Travelist: We primarily deal with stories for creative nonfiction. 
Specifically with travel pieces, we are looking for the story in the experience. 
Our question is this: why should this story of my travel be shared with others?

Please visit us at for our submission guidelines with a link to our submissions form. Please purchase a past issue at the website if you'd like to become familiar with what we publish. 


Submission Guidelines

  • Style: Creative first person narrative format. We want you to put the reader into the story. Stories with twists and interesting or bizarre plots are more likely to be published and featured in the quarterly magazine.
  • Important: Half of the submissions we receive are denied because they're not narratives. For an example of a proper narrative, read: "Absinthe at Marcella's in Barcelona"
  • Subjects: Cultural reference, bizarre unique stories, and personal experience. Spiritual influence and other obscure subjects may be submitted as well.
  • Word count: 500 to 2,000
  • Images: Submissions MUST include an eye-catching photograph, use stock agencies if necessary (with proper attribution). If photo is not yours, proof of purchase from stock agency or permission from another creator must be included with submission.
  • Image size: Minimum of 1000 px on longest side, 5MB max, with no pixilation/focus issues.
  • Accepted file formats: .DOC, .JPG, .PNG (NO .PDF or .ZIP)
  • Biography required: Include a short biography (100 word maximum), black and white profile photo (300x300 px) and website address.
  • Copyright: Copyright remains the property of the writer/creator. Pieces are allowed to have been published elsewhere, however must have correct permissions (ex. pieces that have been commissioned by another party are not acceptable)
  • Compensation: There is no monetary compensation for published works, besides the compensation of promotion, networking and professional resume experience.
  • Response time: Response time varies depending on Brandon's travel schedule and submission load. All submissions are typically notified of acceptance or denial between 3-6 weeks.
  • Submissions:

More about the editor, Brandon Elijah Scott at:

Brandon Elijah Scott is a travel writer, photographer and film maker with over ten years of experience, who specializes in blog coaching, brand/web design and whiskey drinking.

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