Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't Be Afraid To Travel Alone

Ai Ogata on the USS Midway, San Diego, USA

Introducing contributor Ai Ogata from Osaka, Japan. Ai has lived in Malta and Australia, and has enjoyed extended travels (2-6 months) in the USA, Europe, Nepal and Turkey. Ai is so mobile, she writes her blog posts on her telephone. 

There are many things in the world to be afraid of, but traveling alone is not one of these things.

I'm always traveling by myself. Planning, arrangement, organization.

For me, travel is a kind of
Dream. I’m away from reality like work, social community, and all the small things. In reality I wake up at the same time every morning, take same Metro, work, go back home or meet the same friends for the same drinks, go to bed and next morning do it all over again. Reality is an endless boring loop.

That's why I don't travel in Japan but always go overseas. And I don't like seeing Japanese people when I travel. I don’t even like hearing Japanese spoken. I want to dream.

My friends often ask me if I'm lonely or if my travels are fun?

Lonely? Not at all!
I can see somebody in everywhere, especially in the hostel. Normally I stay in a dormitory room, and if there's somebody, I just say Hello! If we’re compatible, we go out for a drink, a walk together, see the sites. That person can become a good friend after you get back home. They are separate from reality. That person continues the dream when all the travel is done. A connection with a person living across the world is the best connection. It escapes the endless boring loop.

If you travel with your friends, you may not care about meeting your roommates even if you stay in a dormitory room. Traveling alone can be less lonely than traveling with friends you see everyday.

Actually fun? Of course!
Traveling alone is really easy going. I don't have to care about anybody else’s ideas, I can go wherever I want, I can do whatever I want, I can move on whenever I want. And no one is judging me or telling me when to wake up in the morning.
And I get new friends.

Only bad thing about traveling alone is meals.
Sometimes I feel awkward when eating in a restaurant alone. But it’s still fun! The waiters are nicer and sometimes bring you free dessert.

You want to travel?
Why don't you by an air ticket and fly away from boring life!

Go Dream.

Sara and Ai first met in Rome in 2006 and have been close friends since.


  1. Wonderful post! I went to Paris alone when I was 21...my one and only foray into solo travel. I give myself major props for that trip, but Ai, you are amazing! Can't wait to hear more of your adventures.

  2. On eating alone sometimes depending on where you are, you can go to the kinds of restaurants that seat you with other people on mixed tables, I know this can happen in London and Paris and that way you get to meet some new people. I always have a book and a journal in my bag so I am never alone.
    Travel alone leaves you more open to adventure at your destination.

  3. Solo travel is awesome! I don't mind being alone for the meals - I just relax with my glass of whatever and enjoy the scenery. The biggest downfall, in my opinion, is prices. Everything is geared for 2 travelers, so the solo traveler always ends up paying more. Great post!

  4. I have also found that travel is lonelier if you're not traveling with a purpose. If you are on a Novel Travelist Quest or seeking to solve a mystery, you don't have time to be lonely!

  5. Yes!prices is problem.I want a lot of kind of plates but 1portion is always too much.

    This is my first blog in English.
    I'll try to next one but don't know when...

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