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Are you an editor with a love for travel stories? 

Send Sara McBride an email ( and she'll send you 10 pages to edit. Then I'll post you on the website.

Below are actual examples of editor's styles.

Editing service definitions and general - every editor is different - pricing guide:

Proofreading for already edited work. Editor is looking for previously uncaught errors.
($0.0065 per word. 90,000 word novel = $585)

Copyediting to fix grammar and punctuation errors, form coherent stylistic choices, and make effective word choices.
($0.01 per word. 90,000 word novel = $900)

Line Editing to fix sentence level errors and rearrange ideas to better fit together. This level also looks into paragraph/chapter constructions and for continuity errors.
($0.013 per word. 90,000 word novel = $1170)

Content Editing offers suggestions to your written work about changes to story or form for better flow and character development. Few grammatical errors will be fixed at this level as this is intended to be guidance through the rewrite process.
($0.016 per word. 90,000 word novel = $1440)


Viannah Duncan, MFA

Example of Copyediting:

Alana Saltz

Example of Line Editing:

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