Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to Novel Travelist.
A website for Writers, Artists, and Readers who like to travel.

Tired of vacation albums that all look the same?
Then become a Novel Travelist!

If you like to read books and then visit the magnificient locations described, this is your website. If you like to write books that send your characters into foreign cultures and locations, this is your website. If you’re an artist looking for tips on drawing techniques, or simply how to further appreciate the brush work of Van Gogh before visiting Amsterdam, then this is your website. 

Most of all, if you’ve decided that the standard vacation with posed pictures in front of famous monuments is a bit dull, and you want to experience a little adventure, a bit of intellectual stimulation and possibly pursue clues to historical mysteries that have been neglected for centuries, then this is your website. 

Join us. Become a Novel Travelist and make your vacation last a life time. Turn your adventures into sketch journals where pages can be added year after year, novels with characters that experience the locations as you saw them, and for the reader, turn your favorite novels into vacations.

This website will post fun travel adventures to pursue, writing & drawing techniques, book recommendations that yield great itineraries and ideas for how to plan your own personal quests. 


  1. I nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award, an award for new blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Check it out here...

  2. Should I be offended that you used pictures of us as an example of what not to do? That was actually a great vacation considering we toted along a preschooler and a baby! What made it great? Mostly the tour guide (aka Sara McBride).

  3. Hi Lois,

    Ha-ha! I was wondering if you were going to notice that. Obviously it's not meant as an insult since that was a super fun trip and a great night in Rome. I just thought it was a really funny set of pictures.